Sunday, March 6, 2016

Bay Area Motorcycle Training is Available at the Solano County Fairgrounds!

Bay Area Motorcycle Training
Jockey Lot & Racing Office

*Next set of classes start March 25th!*

Learn to Ride – The basic Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC) is offered all year except on some holiday and special event weekends:

The Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC) teaches the necessary basic skills to ride a motorcycle. Tuition for the MTC is $180 for students under 21, $258 for students 21 or older.*

  • The MTC takes 16 hours spread over 4 separate sessions:
  1. Classroom 1, Riding 1, Classroom 2, Riding 2.
  2. Classrooms are 3 hours each, Riding are 5 hours each.
  • A motorcycle and helmet is provided if you do not have one. (See "Required")
  • Passing the MTC waives the DMV riding test for a motorcycle license, but neither passing nor getting a license is guaranteed.
  • Passing the MTC is required for a motorcycle license for a person under 21 years of age.

The Vallejo location uses a 2 week (4 day) format – one weeknight + one weekend day for 2 weeks: 

  • Classroom 1 is a weekday evening, 6;00pm-9:30pm.
  • Riding 1 is Saturday or Sunday, morning 6:45am-11:45am, or afternoon 12:15pm-5:15pm.
  • Classroom 2 is the same weekday evening and time in the second week.
  • Riding 2 is the same weekend day and same morning or afternoon time on the second weekend.

The Premier Motorcyclist Rider Course (PMTC) is a combination of the MTC and the Intermediate Rider Clinic (IRC). The IRC teaches additional street survival skills to ride a motorcycle safely in traffic.

(BAMT is not currently able to offer the PMTC. Visit the CMSP website for a PMTC near you.)

  • The PMTC takes 21 hours spread over 5 separate sessions.
  1. You first complete the entire MTC as described above (4 sessions).
  2. Then return for the next regularly scheduled IRC (1 day, 5 hours).
  • A motorcycle and helmet is provided if you do not have one, but you are encouraged to use your own motorcycle for the IRC. (See "Required")
  • You must successfully complete the MTC before taking the IRC.
  • The MTC portion of the PMTC waives the DMV riding test for a motorcycle license.
  • Tuition for the PMTC is $475 if you use your own motorcycle for the IRC, or $525 if you use one of ours.*
* MTC Tuition fees are set by the California Motorcyclist Safety Program. All tuition fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason.

Some important things to remember ...

  • The reservation is only a place holder for 5 business days.
  • RESERVATIONS EXPIRE AND SEATS ARE RELEASED if payment is not received within 7 days.
  • For example, if you make a reservation today, payment must be received by Mon Dec 14 2015
  • Payment must be received before you start your class.
  • Tuition fees are not refundable or transferable for any reason.
  • You must be present at Roll Call or your seat may be given away or left empty.

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